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Crossing Over

May I be free so that I know you better and better. Thank you so much for the glorious peaceful home. While I was in the chaos of the relocation, I noticed I felt lonely and want to talk to other people, or find a distraction. Yet, when I arrived here the craving decreased. Peace is my desire. Joining with you my goal. Ease has come over me — a faith and trust in us together all will be well and good.

Avenged sevenfold Warmness on the soul LYRICS

Thank you, Lord, t. Today is a big life changing day.

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I anticipate and expect an increase in happiness, joy, fulfillment of your will for me in this next phase of my life. I see peace, friends, laughter, celebration in your glory. I see a deep and profound love that lifts me up with ease. I see a nature retreat that brings only healing, insight, love and joy to all that enter and stay. I see a worry free life. I see myself elevated in your love and in my faith. I see surrender. I see loyal, lovi. Thank you for sending sleep for me. I feel better today and more at ease, even though nothing has changed.

Today I need for you and your team to help to make the purchase of my new home to smoothly.

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This, you and Lord Jesus laid on me several years ago…here we go…I small start to manifesting the big thing. If this indeed is your desire for me, your will for me, I request your help in these things. I am feeling much more relaxed today — Thank you. I stayed in bed till this morning napping and relaxing and resting. I am at ease more and more. There is part of me that is resisting the ease…I should be: busy, anxious, worried, freaking out as so much is changing in my life…yet I rest at ease this day.

I can see the results of your help and work on me. Trusting more and more; changing; morphing; detaching.

I must say since the being guided to the reading yesterday abou. Today, help me to forgive and release all anger. It serves no one and is way more harmful and out of alignment with you as I can get — which is not my desire or wish. I wish for this to diminish rapidly and for genuine peace, love and joy to be the dominant pattern and habit in which I turn.

For this I need and request the help of the entire legion of. To have my mind focused on you is my goal — at all times. Yet, I must remember that you, your love, your power. It is your might alone that can transform me to be in total and complete devotion to You. You, Lord, You. Because Nettie was my first thought.

General Comment what beautiful lyrics. General Comment damn! How the hell did u get diz lyrics? But i admit this lyrics is beautifull..


General Comment wow. General Comment This is actually a really good song Flag alingle on March 05, LOL alingle telling someone "stop complaining" and "chill out" Flag monkeys on May 07, General Comment look, a7x says that they aren't shoving anything down your throats. God can mean anything; who truly knows but the band themselves.

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