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To ask an Eagle what is in the pit is to disorient a knowing of the pit that would take the immersed mole as its base. Language, here, gets in the way. Can thou be put into the pit of this poem? Who puts thou there? In as far as the opening questions of The Book of Thel are questions abut ecology — how do different species coinhabit a space? Desire, as an effect of language, as a state preceding and producing the subject in language , unhinges a self that would seek to know the spaces supposedly mapped out by the text.

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We enter into a space that already seems to know us as a subject even as the text wrestles with its openness to an Other, a guest, who will never arrive. A queer ecological outlook, here, holds out an unconditional invitation to the intimacy of the Other in all its otherness.

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But while such political affiliations might promise clearer articulations of the ways in which homophobia, misogyny, and anti-environmentalism intersect, they also raise the prospect of discomfiting reifications of the sexual, the female, and the natural as necessary to tracking such intersections. One result of this reification is a failure, from the outset, to consider the possibility of instances in which we might find an eroticization of a devaluation of nature rather than a conjoined devaluing of the erotic.

In what follows, I seek to carve out a middle-ground for queer ecological practice, a reading of Romantic poems that attends both to how those poems explore queerly ethical imperatives posed by the world and to the ways in which queer desires surface, in those poems, as fissures in their ecological imaginaries. David E. Cooper and Joy A.

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Palmer London and New York: Routledge, , As I will go on to argue, such a statement risks underplaying the possibilities for tension between these theoretical approaches. Thel would seem, at this stage, the perfect candidate for a reading that ties the Romantic and the ecological together. And all thy moans flew o'er my roof. Or the glistning Eye to the poison of a smile! Why are Eyelids stord with arrows ready drawn, Where a thousand fighting men in ambush lie? Why an Ear, a whirlpool fierce to draw creations in? Why a tender curb upon the youthful burning boy! Why a little curtain of flesh on the bed of our desire?

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On an ecological level, the image offers a fittingly uncertain representation of epistemological questions raised by human-nonhuman interaction — who knows better the representational value of the serpent? Curiously, such refusals have often taken the form of invitations. The interpreter is all too like that woodman, entering at the end to disturb the bird from its nest. Travelling towards the earlier plates right to left , the serpent stages this uncertainty as a final invitation to the reader to reenter the poem.

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What interests me, here, is the tension between such a critical precept and a poetic voice that actually plays with distance as a product of language the necessary distance between signified and signifier , and with language as a form of desire the desire to bridge distance, the desire to be immediate, unmediated. In both texts that experience queerly confronts the reader with their desirous, enmeshed, yet alienated relation to an inherently Other world.

Touching and not touching the nest, mediating between the Eagle and the Mole, between the vale and the pit — such a coalitional criticism might be best served, I want to suggest, by a hovering that recognizes both the intimacies and the distances between ecological and queer readings.

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The Enlightenment World series. William Blake and the Body.

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