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Parsing XML Data

Since the XML data is saved to memory, no modifications are made to the original document. This session can be identified by subsequent XML steps which include the same session name.

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This allows several XML documents to be active simultaneously within the same task. This frees the session name to be used in a different session and unlocks the XML file bound to that session. Rather, as a safety measure, a copy of the file is saved to memory upon the creation of a session. Using this action does not change the XML or end the session, thus allowing subsequent XML steps to continue using the session. Example 3 - Start an XML session that originates from the specified text.

Specifies where the XML data should derive from in order to start the new session.


The XML data will be saved into memory. Different parameters become active depending on which option is selected.

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The available options are:. This option allows you to browse for an existing XML file to use.

Action settings

Text - The XML data originates from specific text. Yes if XML session derives from a new or existing file.

BluePrism - XML -- Reality & Useful

The path and file name of the new or existing XML file. If set to YES, specifies that if an XML file with the same name already exists at the specified location, it will be overwritten with the new file.

Start XML Session Action

If set to NO default , the step fails if the file already exists. The root node name for new XML file. The root node value for the new XML file. The XML import process enables the creation of mass content without the need to use the portal wizards and editors. In addition, advanced users can perform batch operations and make pinpoint modifications within a large content base.

Plugin Configuration File - plugin.xml

This guide describes how to code an XML file for creating portal objects and performing actions, and includes code samples. The guide also describes how to import an XML file. Imported XML files can execute any number of actions in the portal, including overwriting and deleting existing content.

Importing an incorrect XML file may cause permanent damage to the portal. It is highly recommended to perform test runs initially on a nonproduction portal or on test content before using it in a live environment. We recommend that access to the iView be restricted to administrators trained to use it.