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Sure, there are leaps of faith, but to start feeling the happiness you want, you can start small. You can let in animals, nature, music — simply embrace the beauty in the moment right now.

Who Do I Surrender To?

Open your senses wide and feel the flowers, the energy of the storm, the rays of sun spilling over the clouds. Be taken by the ecstasy of living. Fall in love. Enjoy your food. Allow sex to be full-body, divine communion.

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Create from your soul and share with the world. Feel pleasure. Live your dreams. Ingest life and overflow with joy until you leave a wake happiness behind you, full of people smiling without knowing why. The more you open, the bigger your ecstasy becomes.

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Your heart will be broken along the way. Of course it will — life is just like that. Hurt is part of living. The next moment could hold a surprise burst of laughter, deep compassion, an epiphany. Tomorrow might have another clue to what the hell your purpose is in this life.

You see, surrendering opens you to the great moments, too. When you truly open wide, those rough patches fade in favor of happiness. When your heart gets broken, let the light of joy, love, ecstasy and wisdom fill those cracks with a brilliance you would have never discovered otherwise. You can choose what you carry onward.

It took no effort for me to benefit from her weaving the threads together. Just as it took no additional effort for her. What it asked from both of us was to surrender to the task we had in front of us, and listen to the moment. For my teacher, it came as she crafted her lessons. Nor did she need to force efforts to be extraordinarily clever.

She yielded to creating. As she created her lessons, the pieces that were already present fell into the intended place. I simply needed to put my attention on the class work.

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  6. Insight occurred as I followed the instruction and went through my movement. Our bodies contain infinite wisdom, as does our environment, other people, language — the entire environment and universe that surrounds us. Our body, though, is our most immediate and intimate home. It is speaking to us constantly while it simultaneously responds to external input. What a fine tuned machine we have at our disposal!

    Synchronicities are everywhere.

    Which means if we pay attention we will notice them. It really is that simple. We truly are one world, connected, with a vast intelligence to aid us.

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    And you can tap into it simply by surrendering to your inner wisdom! At completion, you are supported in your intuitive development through an online community hosted by me with ongoing resources and information. The lessons cover how to listen to your body. The community provides individual support for specific questions that arise.

    Find more details here. We all have an instinctive urge to fulfill our life purpose. Do you know yours?

    Joy: The Surrender to the Body and to Life by Alexander Lowen

    Take The Life Purpose Quiz and discover how far you need to dig to reclaim your purpose. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. No Comments. Omnipresent Connections, Unrealized As part of my physical movement practice, I take a long-standing Pilates class taught by an advanced instructor well-versed in not only body mechanics but also myriad related disciplines. Surrendering It took no effort for me to benefit from her weaving the threads together. Her lesson plans were in perfect alignment with what needed to be taught at that time.