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A Havoc light bombers on a mission against Kokas, Indonesia in July of The lower bomber was hit by anti-aircraft fire after dropping its bombs, and plunged into the sea, killing both crew members.

Two U. On the left is Pvt.

A member of a U. Marine patrol discovers this Japanese family hiding in a hillside cave, June 21, , on Saipan. The mother, four children and a dog took shelter in the cave from the fierce fighting in the area during the U. Dead Japanese soldiers cover the beach at Tanapag, on Saipan Island, in the Marianas, on July 14, , after their last desperate attack on the U. Marines who invaded the Japanese stronghold in the Pacific. An estimated 1, Japanese were killed by the Marines in this operation. With its gunner visible in the back cockpit, this Japanese dive bomber, smoke streaming from the cowling, is headed for destruction in the water below after being shot down near Truk, Japanese stronghold in the Carolines, by a Navy PB4Y on July 2, Lieutenant Commander William Janeshek, pilot of the American plane, said the gunner acted as though he was about to bail out and then suddenly sat down and was still in the plane when it hit the water and exploded.

The amphibious tanks with turret-housed cannons went in in after heavy air and sea bombardment. Army and Marine assault units stormed ashore on Peleliu on September 15, and it was announced that organized resistance was almost entirely ended on September Marines of the first Marine Division stand by the corpses of two of their comrades, who were killed by Japanese soldiers on a beach on Peleliu island, Republic of Palau, in September of After the end of the invasion, 10, of the 11, Japanese soldiers stationed on the island had been killed, only some captured.

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A few seconds after this picture was taken the aircraft was engulfed in flames. The design of the para-frag bomb enabled low flying bombing attacks to be carried out with higher accuracy. Douglas MacArthur, center, is accompanied by his officers and Sergio Osmena, president of the Philippines in exile, extreme left, as he wades ashore during landing operations at Leyte, Philippines, on October 20, , after U.

The bodies of Japanese soldiers lie strewn across a hillside after being shot by U. Smoke billows up from the Kowloon Docks and railroad yards after a surprise bombing attack on Hong Kong harbor by the U. Army 14th Air Force October 16, A Japanese fighter plane left center turns in a climb to attack the bombers.

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Between the Royal Navy yard, left, enemy vessels spout flames, and just outside the boat basin, foreground, another ship has been hit. A Japanese torpedo bomber goes down in flames after a direct hit by 5-inch shells from the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, on October 25, Landing barges loaded with U. The men aboard the crafts watch the dramatic battle in the sky as they approach the shore.

This photo provided by former Kamikaze pilot Toshio Yoshitake, shows Yoshitake, right, and his fellow pilots, from left, Tetsuya Ueno, Koshiro Hayashi, Naoki Okagami and Takao Oi, as they pose together in front of a Zero fighter plane before taking off from the Imperial Army airstrip in Choshi, just east of Tokyo, on November 8, None of the 17 other pilots and flight instructors who flew with Yoshitake on that day survived. Yoshitake only survived because an American warplane shot him out of the air, he crash-landed and was rescued by Japanese soldiers. A Japanese kamikaze pilot in a damaged single-engine bomber, moments before striking the U.

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A closer view of the Japanese kamikaze aircraft, smoking from antiaircraft hits and veering slightly to left moments before slamming into the USS Essex on November 25, Fire-fighters and scattered fragments of the Japanese aircraft cover the flight deck. The plane struck the port edge of the flight deck, landing among planes fueled for takeoff, causing extensive damage, killing 15, and wounding Photo made by a Naval Photographer, who flew over the armada of Navy and coast guard vessels in a Navy search plane. Marine, killed by Japanese sniper fire, still holds his weapon as he lies in the black volcanic sand of Iwo Jima, on February 19, , during the initial invasion on the island.

In the background are the battleships of the U.

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Suribachi, Iwo Jima, on February 23, The Battle of Iwo Jima was the costliest in Marine Corps history, with almost 7, Americans killed in 36 days of fighting. Pouring out war supplies and military equipment, the landing crafts fill the sea to the horizon, in the distance, battleships of the U. An attack on one of the caves connected to a three-tier blockhouse destroys the structure on the edge of Turkey Nob, giving a clear view of the beachhead toward the southwest on Iwo Jima, as U.

Marines storm the island on April 2, The USS Santa Fe lies alongside the heavily listing USS Franklin to provide assistance after the aircraft carrier had been hit and set afire by a single Japanese dive bomber, during the Okinawa invasion, on March 19, , off the coast of Honshu, Japan. More than aboard were killed, with survivors frantically fighting fires and making enough repairs to save the ship.

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During a Japanese air raid on Yonton Airfield, Okinawa, Japan on April 28, , the corsairs of the "Hell's Belles," Marine Corps Fighter Squadron are silhouetted against the sky by a lacework of anti-aircraft shells. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. The small village of Kivalina is threatened on several fronts by a warming Arctic climate, as the ground it sits on erodes, and the animals the villagers rely on become more difficult to hunt.

Before he became a countercultural icon with his no holds barred stand-up comedy, the man who pushed the limits of free speech in entertainment was serving as a turret gunner aboard a Navy vessel in the Mediterranean. He spent the next several years working as a shell passer aboard the U. Brooklyn, a light cruiser that acted as a fire support vessel in North Africa and in Italy during the Allied invasions of Sicily and Anzio.

Bruce served honorably for most of the war, but by he had grown tired of life at sea, and he eventually secured an early discharge after he falsely claimed to have homosexual desires for his fellow sailors. Bruce got his start in stand up shortly after returning stateside, and later won widespread acclaim—and frequent arrests on obscenity charges—for his satirical and profanity-laced stage performances.

Still, the fight for racial equality was not the first time he put his life on the line for a higher cause. Evers had left high school and enlisted in the U.

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Army in , and served with distinction in Europe as part of the th Port Company, a segregated unit of black soldiers who delivered vital supplies during the Normandy invasion. The man who inspired the name of a famous picnic-stealing cartoon bear was also a veteran of the D-Day invasion. On June 6, , as Allied troops stormed the beaches at Normandy, Berra and his fellow sailors manned a small Navy support craft that lobbed rockets at German defenses on Omaha Beach. Along with his brother Alain, Marceau forged documents and doctored identity cards to help prevent French children from being conscripted into German labor camps.

He also smuggled some 70 Jewish children out of the country by posing as a Boy Scout leader and leading them through the wilderness to safety in neutral Switzerland. Tony Bennett was drafted into the U. Army in , and spent the later stages of the war in the 63rd Infantry Division in France and Germany. The singer also witnessed the horror of the Holocaust firsthand when he helped liberate the Nazi concentration camp at Landsberg, Germany. Bennett would later write that his army service transformed him into an lifelong pacifist, but it also whetted his appetite for show business by giving him his first ever chance to perform as part of a military band.