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Comfort and positioning were top of mind when we developed our butt stock. Plus our adjustable cheek riser gets you the perfect cheek weld, for the perfect shot.

Savage Model 11 .308 Scout

Tested and designed to fit hands of all sizes and shapes the pistol grip has swells and contours to provide flexibility in hand placement. Toggle Nav. Buy Now.

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Super simple installation. ORYX chassis system replaces your current factory rifle stock. No gunsmithing required. ORYX is a one-piece integrated aluminium chassis and buttstock created to improve the consistency and accuracy of your bolt action rifle Free Floating Barrel.

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Solid Action Interface. Shoot it. Love it.

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Keep it. Contoured Forend Grip.

Provides comfort and a solid hold. We apply the same rigorous standards of construction to both formats of bolt action rifle that we manufacture here in our factory. By taking great care and pride in regulating all of our rifles in our indoor electronic range, we can guarantee supreme accuracy.

Ultimately, one shot is all you might ever get or need, so we would like to be sure that every rifle leaves Westley Richards with the advantage firmly in your hands.


We actively encourage our clients to visit and shoot their rifle for added peace of mind. Your browser is out of date! Update my browser now. Westley Richards Gun and Rifle Makers. Bolt action rifle Up to. Had I only possessed such a rifle in my old elephant hunting days, I am sure I could have killed three or four times as many elephants as I actually laid low.